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Welcome to Tom’s Digitizing Services.

After many years of digitizing with Bernina’s Deco software (versions 1 & 2) I made the leap to bigger & better software. After many years of digitizing for my own needs and the needs of friends, I was persuaded to start digitizing for others.

A lot of personal experience (read trial and error) of sewing out my own designs has led to being very particular about how my designs sew-out. Some digitizers hit the “auto digitize” button before cleaning up the original artwork first. And then make no effort to rearrange stitch segments, change stitch angles or group color stops. I call these digitizers the “set it & forget it” crowd.

Other digitizers prefer manual punch for everything and condemn auto-punch as heresy. They basically hand-draw all the stitch areas on top of a picture. Although this method will yield almost exclusively the best results, it is also more labor intensive, and hence is more expensive.

I prefer a hybrid method, happily between the two where I will clean up artwork so that it yields the best auto-punch results and then adjust everything as needed. If the artwork is not sufficiently cleaned up I will manual-punch a design as needed. I use a simulated stitch-out and make adjustments constantly during the creation process. For more complicated designs, I always test stitch the designs and examine the sample carefully.

I strive to create every design as though I would be putting it on a garment for my own use. I take pride in the fact that I now have repeat customers who rely solely on me for their digitizing needs. I have satisfied customers in the United States, Canada, Sweden, Australia and other parts of the globe. Simply put, if you’re not happy, neither am I.

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